Join the Ventura Surf Club Today!

Why Join?

Whether you have surfed your entire life or just recently started, the Ventura Surf Club provides a community of surfers that welcome surfers of all skill levels. Your membership provides you with access to several club events throughout the year, including intra-club surf contests (our club only) and the opportunity to surf on behalf of the club against other surf clubs in Coalition events throughout the state. Everyone is welcome! (Note: intra-club contests require $5 entry fee at day of contest)

Current members can now access our MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY. NOTE: requires login name and password.

Membership period is January thru December. We do not offer pro-rated memberships.

Annual Membership Fees:

Individual: $40.00 ($30 without shirt)

Family: $60.00 ($40 without shirts)

Youth (under 18); $25.00 ($15 without shirt)

Membership also includes:

Periodic Newsletter

Club shirt (family membership includes 2 shirts)

Club Sticker for car (family membership includes 2 stickers)