Video of the Week: Egg Salad

Video of the Week: Egg Salad 1280 720 Ventura Surf Club

Egg Salad: Midlength Sessions

Log Rap is a simple experiment I tried a few years ago that mixed two things I love: Longboarding and hip hop music. And that’s pretty much what we’ve shared here since and thanks to you it’s going strong as ever and I’m having fun doing it. That said, most of the surfers you see on Log Rap ride other things aside from traditional longboards. This edit is a mix of sessions from days where the waves were a better call for writing a midsize board. Hope you dig it

Devon Howard ( 6’10 CI Mid )
Cliff Kapono ( 6’10 CI Mid )
Dane Gudauskas ( 7’0 CI Mid )
Justin Quintal ( 7’0 Britt Merrick Agave )
Kassia Meador ( 7’0 Britt Merrick Agave )
Joel Tudor ( 7’0 Hoy Runnels THC Surfboards )

Ryan Cannon

Water Cam:
Sean Lesh

Beastie Boys – Egg Man