Video of the Week: The Beatnik

Video of the Week: The Beatnik 1280 720 Ventura Surf Club

“The Beatnik is quite simply a ‘no rules’ longboard. Drawing on elements of the past but infused with a progressive mentality that allows the surfer to dance to the beat of their own drum.

Years of riding traditional single fin longboards and an addiction to the elegant glide they produce had us curious as to where we can take longboard design beyond the conventional ‘log’ mentality. After many passionate experiments with Bob and Ben in the shaping bay, Bob lopped off 4” of foam from the tail of a fully shaped longboard and hyped up the board with a long panel vee and a groovy transom in the tail… enter the Beatnik!

This model provides a breath of fresh air for even the most meticulous longboard connoisseur or entry-level trimmer just tapping into their inner stoke… welcoming unconventional approaches and providing creative outlets which allow you to draw your own lines… or just trim!” – Matt Chojnacki